We happily Introduce you to Cooking class called “cook’n’talk”.
International students are more than welcome as the most lessons are conducted in English.
Let’s learn Authentic International Dishes from food specialists from various countries!


Instructors are specialists from America, France, Thailand, Nepal, China, Philippine and other countries.
Cook`n`talk program is specially designed to learn other countries’ cuisine, experience the interesting stories from the other members, understand the International community. All these things can be experienced while learning cooking and eating.
Classes are conducted in English and/or Japanese.


“cook’n’talk” is being held at “Chikyujinmura”, a traditional style Japanese house in Nakano (Tokyo).



What kind of place is the “Chikyujinmura”?


Guests visit this house in Japan, “Chikyujinmura”, a location built over 75 years ago, for cultural activities and interactions from countries all over the world.

As its name suggests, the same “residents of the earth”, regardless of nationality, engage in cultural interaction with smiling faces, through a wide range of cultural activities, such as food, music, tea, calligraphy, and movies etc.

This is a space where you can interact with a variety of cultures, while enjoying cooking and food culture.



Four features







Instructors are specialists of food and culture


All the cook`n`talk instructors are energetic, always eager to teach with full of enthusiasm from their wide experiences and deep knowledge.




●Lesley Rowan
― From Chicago, USA ―
Lesley is from Chicago, and has always been into healthy cooking and nutrition. She arrived in Tokyo in 2005, where she taught cooking in English, focusing on healthy, easy and nutrient dense recipes for busy working people. Currently, she is enrolled in the Health Coaching program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with a January 2019 graduation date. Her teaching and cooking philosophy focuses on quick, healthy, fresh and nutrient dense recipes as well as the benefits of the ingredients used. Her passion really comes out in her teaching style.


●Zhao Yuhong
― From China ―
She communicates the Chinese language, Chinese food culture, and practices through cooking. She is a veteran instructor with 15 years of experience, and focuses on the main dishes in Chinese home cooking. She is passionate about her cooking for which the ingredients change according to the climate and your condition.She will also show you her highly-rated Yakuzen(medicinal) soup.


●Saifon Kanazawa
-From Thailand -
She communicates the Thai language, Thai food culture, and practices through cooking. She is a veteran instructor with 22 years of experience. The class focuses on Thai home cooking, such as Thai Curry, Thai Salad, and Thai spring roll, and as the owner of the Thai restaurant “Sawadeka” in Akishima, Tokyo, this is truly authentic.


●Amit Chhetri
- From Nepal -
With experience of instructing staff at the Akasaka Prince Hotel Classic House, he is a professional barista who has created a new menu for each season. He will teach you professional skills such as delicious coffee brewing method and his trademark chai made from spice.


●Marine Mahieux
-From Paris, France-
Marine is from Paris, passionate of cooking since 10 years ago! She has launched her food blog in France in 2015, through her experience with several recipes, and she started cooking classes in Paris. Real food lover, Marine fancies cooking French and American pastries, but also to reinvent typical French dishes.


●Karisha Takiguchi
― From Philippines ―
Karisha is a person of multiple nationalities including Filipino, Japanese, Spanish and Italian. Her cooking repertoire is just as extensive, ranging from European to Asian cuisine, as well as many sweet recipes. She has worked as a full time chef in a high end Japanese/French restaurant that has restaurants open in Ginza and Gotemba. Karisha is also qualified as a food designer, which means that her food is not only delicious but also visually beautiful. Classes will be taught in English but Karisha is also fluent inJapanese and Filipino.

  and we have many more professional instructors from Various countries!







This is sponsored by

the “Japan Education of Art Association”


“cook‘n’talk” is sponsored by the Japan Education of Art Association (JEARA),who produce a wide range of popular lectures.


All of the classes sponsored by JEARA are produced by putting a value on the “exciting and practical” aspects, rather than sitting at a desk and learning. The classes are attended by a large number of people with the particularly popular classes held 3 months per year and are attended by up to 2000 people.


At “cook’n’talk”, we always want you to enjoy the “exciting and practical” aspects and our classes are created with the aim of incorporating this. We hope you feel excitement while enjoying food and interacting with people from different cultures.







Don’t chase the recipes!


Some people in cookery classes are frantically trying to memorize recipes. Actually, however, cooking should be carried out based on how you feel that day and the tastes of the person. Sticking to pre-set quantities and ingredients will not necessarily give you the right answer.


With “cook‘n’talk”, we do not place great weight on recipes, but communicate the theory (basic principles) of cooking. This can only be taught by professionals with wide knowledge and skilled technique. So stop memorizing recipes, and understand cooking, so that you can really make your “own dishes”.



If you learn the theory (basic principles) of cooking at “cook‘n’talk, you will also be able to arrange and create original dishes yourself, without relying on recipes.







The venue is the “Chikyujinmura”


As its name suggests, guests visit the “Chikyujinmura” location from all over the world and people of multiple nationalities, with their faces overflowing with happy smiles, engage in cultural activities and cultural interaction.


Japanese people, as well as guests from overseas, visit the 75-year-old Japanese home where they feel peace, and carry out a wide range of cultural activities, such as musical performances, cooking, tea parties, art exhibitions, and interacting with different cultures.

Guests from overseas visit us from England, Ireland, Africa, Morocco, Switzerland, Korea, Slovakia, Romania, Belgium, Turkey, India, Brazil, Peru, Vietnam, Scotland, Malaysia, Austria, Spain, Taiwan, Indonesia, Germany, New Caledonia, Cuba, Mexico, China, Thailand, Philippines, Samoa, Canada.. and many others.


We have succeeded in holding “cook‘n’talk” with the cooperation of the “Chikyujinmura”.

We are sure that you will have a variety of encounters, discover different cultures, and have surprising experiences.





You can try it
free of charge



Class course fees

Monthly fees

●2lessons a month – 13,000yen+consumption tax
●1lesson a month – 7,500yen+consumption tax


13-minute walk from JR Nakano station(Tokyo)
(We will send you details, including a map, if you apply)


We are currently holding a free trial class!

Experience it for yourself and feel the enjoyment.


【trial class fees】 Free!


【Maximum number of participants】 8名


【Things to bring】 apron


just relax and enjoy!

※ Content of the cuisine will change each time. The picture below is just an example.



【Qualifications for participation】

  • You enjoy cooking
  • You want to get better at cooking
  • You want to interact with a wide variety of people
  • You are somebody who gets excited at experiencing and discovering things for the first time

If just one of the above applies to you, you’re more than welcome.


*Participation in the trial class is limited to once per person.

【 Lesson schedule 】

  • 【※fully booked】4/4(木)11:00-13:00 Paigu yaoshan tang(Japanese・Chinese)
  • 【※fully booked】4/11(木)11:00-13:00 Melon & Feta salad(English)
  • 【※fully booked】4/16(火)11:00-13:00 Beef Stuffed Red peppers)(English)
  • 【※fully booked】4/16(火)13:30-15:30 French Galettes(English)
  • 【※fully booked】4/18(木)11:00-13:00 Tinolang Manok(English)
  • 【※fully booked】4/23(火)11:00-13:00 Beef Stuffed Red peppers(English)
  • 【※fully booked】4/25(木)11:00-13:00 Kaeng Phet Gai(Japanese・Thai)


*The Japan Education of Art Association (hereafter “this association”) shall take responsibility for managing the personal information that you send. Please register after agreeing to the privacy policy of this Association.